There are different types of dentures, but they share their common function.  They replace teeth that have been lost due to periodontal disease, bone loss, or decay.  Once the teeth have been removed, conventional complete dentures can be fabricated in just 3-4 appointments.  Another option is immediate dentures.  This is when the impressions and jaw relations are completed before the remaining teeth are extracted.  This allows the patient to leave with the dentures in place the day the teeth are extracted.  In most immediate denture cases, several denture relines are required post-op due to change in the bone morphology following extractions.  There is an adjustment period after dentures are placed in the mouth, and it can take some getting used to.  Once accustomed to the dentures, most of the normal functionality and appearance return.  Often, implants can be used to further stabilize the dentures. 
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